March 2021

DMSC Families -

Once again this spring season, we will be following Iowa Soccer's guidelines for dealing with COVID-19. These protocols are very similar to Fall 2020.

Protocols for Spring 2021 can be found here:  

Iowa Soccer COVID-19 Resource Page

Highlights of the protocols:​

  • Vaccinated individuals ARE NOT exempted from any protocols

  • Players: Wear masks to/from fields and on sidelines

  • Coaches: Wear masks at all times

  • Parents: Wear masks to/from fields, when using shared amenities (bathrooms, concession stand, etc), and when 6ft distance cannot be maintained

  • Referees: Wear masks to/from fields and on sidelines

Even as we move forward, families are allowed and encouraged to make the decisions that best suit their needs and we have instructed our coaches to:

  • DO NOT use any player's choices due to COVID to impact: attention/coaching/playing time/future opportunities

  • DO their best to accommodate each player during practices and games


We know that it is impossible to meet every family's exact desires, so we are doing our best to balance the club as best we can.

If you have any other specific concerns, you can continue to reach out to your coach, our Technical Director Tyger Nieters (, or President Matt Trettin ( to discuss further.

The document below gives more details about the Iowa Soccer Return to Play Protocols as well as how DMSC is going above and beyond.



Thank you so much for enrolling your child to participate in Fall soccer with us!   Our number one concern for the season is safety.  The season will look a little different this year.  We have put together a few bullet points for you to keep in mind this season.  



  • Please take players temperature prior to every practice/game and stay home if temperature exceeds 100 degrees or higher

  • Masks are required to and from the fields 

    • Suggested when sitting on the sidelines and not in active play

  • Arrive to and leave field fully dressed (uniform, shoes, guards, etc.)  

  • Maintain minimum of 6 feet of physical distance from other players when on sidelines (players, coaches, etc.) 

    • We suggest bringing a camp/lawn/bag chair for player to use for sidelines; benches will not be used this season

  • Do not share water bottles, energy drinks/supplements, pinnies, balls or other personal items

  • No group huddles, cheers, high fives/chest bumps, hugs, etc

  • Please make sure your player has hand sanitizer in their bag and is using it frequently at practices and games 



  • All attending matches should take temperature prior to and stay home if temperature exceeds 100 degrees or higher 

  • Masks REQUIRED to and from fields 

    • Encouraged to wear masks during games

  • Masks REQUIRED while in line for concession stand and while waiting for/using porta-potties

  • Must sit in designated area 10 feet from team area & touchline 

  • Maintain minimum of 6 feet of physical distance from other family units at all times 

  • Must avoid going to other team’s side of the field 

  • Only the members of your household can attend games.


  • Masks required at all times

  • Maintain a minimum of 6 feet of physical distance from everyone; in the event of player injury this may not be possible.

    • When ref signals, send only one coach to the injured player (coach should bring 2 clean/unused masks to the field)

    • Provide mask to injured player prior to speaking to player

    • Continue to maintain 6 ft of distance from the player.  If player needs assistance from field signal player’s parent and provide them the unused mask if needed.

    • Use hand sanitizer after situation


  • Ask players before matches if they feel sick, if they answer “yes” you must ask them to leave the match

  • Monitor players on sidelines to ensure they are maintaining 6 ft of physical distance from each other and the referees.

  • Do not provide communal water or any other items and reinforce players bring their own


Positive Cases

  • PLEASE help us control the spread of COVID and have a soccer season. If you or your player have any symptoms DO NOT COME to the practice or game.

  • Player positive cases

    • PLEASE alert the club immediately:

    • Player is not eligible to return to active until cleared by doctor

    • 14 day quarantine recommended for all teammates 

  • Coaches positive cases 

    • Coach is not eligible to return to return to active until cleared by doctor

    • 14 day quarantine recommended for all players exposed to the coach

Facility Precautions

  • On the spectator side we have created between 50-100 feet between fields to ensure proper social distancing. 

  • Spectator seating will be marked.  Home teams will sit on the same side as Home spectators and vice versa with Away spectators and teams. 

  • Everyone working in the concession stand will be wearing a mask and gloves.  All condiments will be added inside the concession stand.  

  • All lines for the concession stand will be marked 6 feet apart.  While in line everyone is required to wear a mask.  

  • Everyone working inside the concession stand will have a cleaning checklist to follow to ensure everything is sanitized effectively at the end of every shift

  • The board of directors will be working shifts on game days to keep the porta-potties, trash cans and picnic tables sprayed down every hour.  

  • We will have hands-free hand sanitizer stations available for use.  

  • Please do not bring any team snacks this season.  Our concession stand will be offering treat tickets available for purchase.

DMSC PO Box 21172 Des Moines, IA 50321