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 NCP Scholarship Fund 

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Des Moines Soccer Club is committed to offering high quality programming at an affordable price.  We appreciate that not everyone can afford to pay the full fees, and DMSC is committed to offering avenues for all of the youth in our community to play soccer.  Making the game affordable for every committed player is a core value of DMSC.  At this time, we have a limited amount of financial assistance available for members who may need it. We are especially thankful to NCP, Inc for creating the NCP Scholarship Fund we use to give every child a chance to play.

All financial and personal information included on this application is considered highly confidential and this information is not shared with anyone outside of the DMSC board of directors.  For the privacy of our applicants, all documentation will be destroyed or returned (upon request).


Parent’s role and responsibilities: 

Completing the scholarship application does not guarantee it will be awarded.  The scholarship does not include uniforms. 

Scholarships depend on several things: 

  • Money in reserve for scholarships

  • Number of soccer players applying for scholarships

  • Financial needs of the family


Parent’s commitment: 

I understand that if I am awarded a scholarship, I will provide support for my child to attend practices, games and clinics that the coach or club asks the teams to participate in. 

The scholarship covers registration fees for Spring/Fall season and supplemental programming. It does not include uniforms.

Families must maintain an account in good standing to qualify for a scholarship with Des Moines Soccer Club in the future.  

Recreational and Academy 

Applications must be emailed by July 15th.  Late applications will not be accepted.  This application is good for one seasonal year (example - applications submitted and approved will be good through July of the following year).  Each year a new application will need submitted for consideration. 

Email applications to


Applications must be emailed by July 1st for select players. Late applications may not be accepted.  This application is good for one year.  This will cover both Fall and Spring season.  Every year a new application will needs to be submitted for consideration.

Email applications to

Please select the correct application form below:

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