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FALL 2021 UNIFORM UPDATE: Soccer Master has informed us that many uniforms are on backorder. Please order your uniform as soon as possible!

Please see this additional update from our partners at Soccer Master. Work with your team's coach to make due until uniforms arrive. Our focus will be on making sure the kids have the opportunity to play. 

Uniforms for Fall 2021/Spring 2022

This fall we enter the 2nd year of our 2 year uniform cycle. If you played with us before, you may not need a new uniform if you're staying within the same program. Follow the pictures below to see what you need.

  • If you are joining one of our competitive programs (Academy or Select) you will need to purchase the competitive uniform set. You will receive an email to order it from Soccer Master.

  • If you were born in 2016 and moving from Kickstart to U6, you will need to purchase the black rec uniform set.

  • If you were born in 2013 and moving from Rec U8 to Rec U9, you will need to purchase the red rec jersey to go with your black uniform set that you wore for U8

  • If you are moving from one of the competitive programs to a Rec program, you will need to purchase the rec uniform set

How to order Rec Uniforms

Des Moines Soccer Club uniforms are available through Soccer Master. To guarantee your player’s uniform is available and ready for pick-up, order as soon as possible.  Soccer Master is located at 3233 100th Street, Urbandale, Iowa. (515) 270-8141. If you have additional questions about uniforms, contact your coach.

For Rec Players:

  1. Click on link below

  2. There are 2 Des Moines SC links on that page. Click on either 6U-8U or Traveling Rec.

  3. Click "I agree" to the Soccer Master policies

  4. Order uniform (jersey, shorts, and socks are required...other items are optional)

  5. You can choose whatever number you want.

  6. Select shipping option

Note: 6U-8U players only need a black jersey. Pinnies will be issued to each player to distinguish teams this season.

Click Here to order your Rec Uniform from Soccer Master


How to order Academy & Select Uniforms

For Select and Academy Players:

​You will receive an email invitation to place a uniform order.



Provided by DMSC for Kickstart players

Rec 6U-8U


Travel Rec 9U+


Academy & Select

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select sock.png